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HealthGuard T18 Thyroid Treatment:

1. A gentle herbal medicine in capsule form with obvious curative effect.
2. Solves all thyroid diseases and associated symptoms, including hyperthyroidism, eyes protruding, thyroid enlargement plus nodules, pituitary activeness hypothyroidism, graves disease.
3. An upgraded version for faster recovery.
4. Based on a "Cure root" concept.

  • No contraindication
  • No known drug interaction
  • No known side effects.

5. Consumes with GCapsules treatments particularly helps Goiter and Nodules, lessens swollen area.

Details about treatment for other types of thyroid disease, please visit "Thyroid Symptoms".
Check reference on "How many treatments you need", please visit "Thyroid Check".

Certificates/ Approval: Not contains chemical, toxic heavy metal, western drugs. Tests Approved.
On GMP international standard with SGS certified.


Radix Ginseng 20% 100 mg
Radix Dipsaci 18% 90 mg
Herba Dendrobii 20% 100 mg
Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae 15% 75 mg
Folium Nerviliae Fordii 20% 100mg
Bulbus Fritillaria Thunbergii 7% 35 mg

Recommended Dosage: 4 capsules per time, 3 times daily, Consumed before meals, served with room temperarture water.
Recommended Course of Medication: Basic course of medication: 720 capsules to be completed in 2 months. (Please refer to the HG T18 Handbook inside package)

1. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing woman
2.  Not recommended if you suffer from symptoms of Cold and Fever
3. Consult Advisor for children under age 6.

Storage: Stored in dry cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
Packaging: 500 mg per capsule; 60 capsules per bottle; 2 bottles per box, 6 boxes per treatment.

HealthGuard T18 Effect VS Radioactive Iodine (RAI) & Operation
a) Thyroidism with NO radioactive iodine in-take or thyroid operation:
Progress Improved Symptoms: Effect:
On Treatment: 1-2 Racing heart, difficulty in breathing and profuse sweating will be gradually improved obviously. Feel easy in breath, tired feeling disappears, throat no longer be pressed, and sleep well at night.
On Treatment: 2-3 Thyroidism eye(s) withdraws backward and nodules become soft or shrink gradually. The T3, T4 will return to normal level at same time.
Recommendation Continue to take 3 or 4 treatments for consolidating the effect. That makes thyroid gland recover completely and avoid recur again. Very serious cases with nodules need to continue to take HealthGuard T18 until all symptoms disappear.
Attention Thyroidsm needs not stop taking chemical medicine when having HealthGuard T18 because there is no conflict between them. Separate 1-2 hours before taking western medicine. Very serious patients need to cut down the dosage of western medicine step by step after finished the first or second treatment.

HealthGuard T18 Effect VS Radioactive Iodine (RAI) & Operation
b) Hyperthyroidism after radioactive iodine (RAI) or thyroid operation, and Hypothyroidism Patients:
Progress Improved Symptoms: Effect:
On Treatment: 2-3 Swelling, constipation, tired and feeling exhausted will be reliefed. Thyroid glands will start secretion, and so their TSH level will be lower down progressively.
Recommendation After patients recovered, can keep taking " HealthGuard T18 " for preventional purpose, and so to guarantee that the thyroid is unblocked and can secret the hormones as per normal. For health maintenance, can take 2 capsules daily.
Attention Patients will usually recover after 6-8 treatments. Due to the thyroid gland suffers from destruction to certain degree, 2-3 additional treatments are required.
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