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Goiplas Capsules (GCapsules) - Extended advanced series of HG T18 treatment

Photo for reference only*

The GCapsules treatment is in capsule form*. This is to help patients with hard and large thyroid goiter and/or with nodule(s). GCapsules treatment can be taken together with HealthGuard T18 at the same time before meals. Each capsule contains cordyceps sinensis, chrysanthemum and etc. 240 capsules per packet for concentrated version.

- Packaging: 240 capsules in each transparent plastic packet.
Recommend dosage: 4 capsules per time, 3 times per day.
- Consumption per treatment: estimate 4 months (depends dosage per day).
- Consumption per packet: estimate 20 days (depends dosage per day).
- Recommend remedy period: Basic 4 months.

- Consume Goiplas Capsules plus HG T18 treatment with empty stomach (estimated 30 minutes before meal).
- Serve with room temperature water.
- Separate 2 hours of in-take if having other prescription drugs.
- Take photos of thyroid goiter and nodule area to monitor the improvement progress every month.
- No late consumption.
- Keep in cool dry place without direct sunlight.
- Consume all prior to best before date.

- Each GCapsules treatment is tailored made and thus needed to pre-order. The process may take 6 to 8 weeks.
- *Appearance is in capsule form, containing brownish or dark brownish powder with its characteristic natural scent.
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