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*Alert Message: All promotional offers (T18 discounted packages) maybe delivered separately depends various destination, one by one treatment delivery, about every 1 to 2-month interval after the first.

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If you are in Singapore, please reserve T18 and pay by Paypal through clicking here: Singapore Quick Order in SGD.

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HG T18 Standard 2+1 special (Buy 2T, 3rd T 50%off) Promo: US$1,050.00
HG-T18 Standard Treatment Pack US$420.00
Ginger Spray (1 set 6 bottles) US$210.00
HG-T18 4-Treatment Promo Pack* Promo: US$1,510.00

If you wish to place an international order with INSURANCE, simply add the ¡§insurance?item in same order. Or you may email us at and we will have a support representative take your order. The average rate of insurance premium is 6.5% on total product value. Estimated delivery time for items we have in stock is 3 to 12 business days from the day you place your order provided no problems occur with your local customs office. Some countries may require various types of import licenses. A product on an individual medication capacity usually is not knowingly required any type of license during shipment into any country. Products will not be held responsible or liable for any problems that result at your local customs office. No refunds will be given for items that are seized or damaged at your local customs office. Products will not liable for any customs duties or taxes that arise from your local customs office. Claim on particular situations shall be considered. Our international shipping prices reflect the base shipping charge not including customs duties, taxes and country specific fees. Our fees ONLY reflect the cost for us to ship your order to your country. If you refuse to pay your local duty or tax and the carrier bills ordered items for the unpaid charges, we will re-charge you for the applicable amount. Failure to pay customs duties and taxes may also jeopardize or terminate your ability to place future orders. If you are unsure of your country's import policies, please check with them before ordering.
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