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HealthGuard Life Plus is a Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic device. <View Video Online>

According to WHO, cerebral-cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 mortality worldwide at present. And, according to a statistic, more than 70% of people are having peripheral diseases. They are in sub-healthy condition, linked to stroke, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and arteriosclerosis. Circulatory obstruction is contributing to aliments. Poor blood circulation is also affected by fat layer wraps around the Red Blood Cell.
HealthGuard Life Plus Recommendation:
Association of Health Science Worldwide recommendation
Gold Metal in USA Inpex Xvi Invention Show
The Healing Remedial Principle:
HealthGuard Life Plus applies low-intensity laser with the wavelength of 650nm, which is known as “The Golden Light of Life”, to irradiate on nasal cavity and inject monochromatic photons of low-intensity into the blood to break down the fat layer wrapping around the red blood cells. Therefore, improve blood circulation that ultimately helps to prolong life.

HealthGuard Life Plus Key Features in 30 minutes:

*Blood is activate
*Blood viscosity is decreased
*Energy is enhanced
Targeted Benefits:

- Improve Microcirculation of diabetes patients

- Help prevents diabetic foot ulceration

- Improve Blood quality

- Smooth Blood vessels

- Obvious increase Blood perfusion in brain and the perfusion function

- Improve Hypothyroidism symptoms


  • Wavelength of the laser: 650nm
  • Maximum output of the laser device: < 5mw
  • Voltage: 6v
  • Input voltage of the rectifier of power supply equipped : 100V-240V
  • Output voltage of the rectifier of power supply equipped : 9V/150ma
  • Power: 3W
  • Electric shielding : type-II
  • Inner power supply : CF type equipment
  • Laser shielding type of device: 3A

Retail Price: S$720.00

<View Video Online>

HealthGuard Life Plus Application – Effect After 30 minutes of laser irradiation in nasal cavity :

1. After 30 minutes of laser irradiation in nasal cavity, the blood viscosity reduced effectively , the circulatory system improved . Microcirculation , Erythrocyte arranged in coin-bunch-like shape. Erythrocyte distributed normally .



2. After 30 minutes of laser irradiation in nasal cavity, the blood quality can be improved, the blood vessel is smoothed and the cerebral blood perfusion is increased .


Blood perfusion in brain and perfusion function low.


Blood perfusion in brain and the perfusion function obviously increased

3. After 30 minutes of laser irradiation in nasal cavity, microcirculation of diabetes patient is improve d , and therefore prevents diabetic foot ulceration.


Diabetes foot microcirculation functional obstacle.


Diabetes foot microcirculation obviously improved.

Clinical A pplications of Life Plus :

Cerebral-cardiovascular diseases -

high blood lipids, high blood viscosity, hypertension, cerebral-apoplexy, cerebral trauma, coronary heart disease, etc.
Diseases of nervous system and endocrine system -
neurasthenia, disorder of automatic nervous system, disorder of endocrine system, chronic renal failure and diabetes etc.
Diseases of respiratory system -
allergic rhinitis, pneumal infection, chronic obstructive pneumal diseases etc.
Diseases of digestive system -
gastric ulcer, chronic gastroenteritis etc.
All kinds of sub-healthy problems, such as problems of cosmesis, rehabilitation, orthopaedic, ENT's, gynecology and hepatitis B etc.


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