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HealthGuard T18 (HG T18) - A unique concept of Natural Thyroid Remedy

Patients of this category does not obtain any prescription drugs from doctors. No prescription/ chemical drugs will be given by doctors even the patients have many symptoms left including patient's blood test result is normal . Reason : Chemical medicines can help increase or decrease T3/T4 only. If T3/T4 do not adjust, all the chemical medicines become useless to patients.

HG T18 Guide -
1. Therapeutic
2. Improving
3. Restore
4. Recovery
Est. Treatment #
General Improvement Progress:
Feel much spiritual and comfortable

Most negative symptoms should be improved, vanished

If TSH normal but only T3 T4 Low, T3 T4 will be back to normal from 9 treatments. Recovered.

Est. # of Months
2-4 months

Note:: length of stage varies with each individual's health condition.

Reference: Read the Recovery cases.
If patients' TSH normal only with nodules or goiter in neck needs to take ultrasound thyroid scan. => Estimated take 4Treatments of HG T18, visit same hospital/ clinic for new ultrasound thyroid scan. Patient may find small goiter disappeared, harder goiter becomes softened. => Take HG T18 till all nodules or goiters disappeared. => Patients can start to take 12 capsules per day to quickly improve symptoms.
Do you know?

Larger dosage of anti hyperyhyroid medincine may induce hypothyroid symptoms due to such medication will depress the secretion of thyroid hormone gradually.

Your current possible drug? Eltroxine, Synthyroid (T4), Levoxyl (T4), Throlar (T4+T3), Armour Thyroid (T4+T3), Cytomel (T3)

HG T18 Dos
HG T18 Donts
  1. Normally take 12 capsules of HealthGuard T18 daily. (4 capsules per time. 3 times per day. )
  2. Keep regular medical test.
  1. - Do not need to reduce HealthGuard T18 dose. - Need enough HealthGuard T18 Treatment to cure the ROOT of disease.
  2. Avoid iced-food, iced-drink daily. Avoid drinking iced water 1 hour before & after taken “HealthGuard T18”.

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