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HealthGuard T18 (HG T18) - A unique concept of Natural Thyroid Remedy
Thyroiditis is the denaturalization, effusion, putrescence, hyperplasia of thyroid tissue caused by virus, bacteria, radiation an auto immune system.

4. Thyroiditis
  1. Acute Thyroiditis
    Painless Thyroiditis
  2. Subacute Thyroiditis / De Quervain’s
  3. Chronic Lymphocytic Thyroiditis / Hashimoto Thyroiditis
  4. Chroic Invasive Fibrous Thryoiditis / Ridedel’s
1. Natural
2. After RAI Treatment
3. After Thyroidectomy
5. Hashimoto
6. With Goiter
7. TSH is normal (symptoms only)
8. Patients sensitive to drugs*
HG T18 Guide -

Acute Thyroiditis Characteristic:

  • inflection in thyroid gland with purulence
  • feel cold, fever with pain in neck
  • white cell number increasing
Find doctor consultation. Doctor will clean the purulence with operation.
Patient can take HealthGuard T18 after operation.
1. Therapeutic
2. Improving
3. Restore
4. Recovery
Est. Treatment #
Est. # of Months
2-4 months

Note:: length of stage varies with each individual's health condition.

Reference: Read the Recovery cases.

Painless Thyroiditis Characteristic:

  • racing heart, heavy sweat, losing weight, without bulgy eye and swollen in neck
  • hyperthyroid symptoms noted
Take HealthGuard T18 now! Naturally cure without side effect.
Treatment reference can be taken from Hyperthyroidism without goiter.

Subacute Thyroiditis / De Quervain’s Characteristic:

  • acestomain thyroid gland
  • painful when press with finger
Do FNA biopsy; Do operation if nodule is malignant.
Patients can take HealthGuard T18 if the nodules is benign.
Chronic Lymphocytic Thyroiditis / Hashimoto Thyroiditis: Please refer to Hypothyroidism Hashimoto

Chroic Invasive Fibrous Thyroiditis / Ridedel’s Characteristic:

  • thyroid gland fibrosis that cause pression to neighbor tissue.
  • feel difficult to breath and swallow
  • when thyroid gland is very hard just like a stone. It is easy misdiagnosis with thyroid cancer.
Patients can take HealthGuard T18 until nodule becomes soft and minimized gradually.
Reference: Read the Recovery cases.


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