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HealthGuard T18 (HG T18) - A unique concept of Natural Thyroid Remedy
HealthGuard T18 excludes the remained RAI outside body. Help resume the most function of thyroid gland back to normal.

HG T18 Guide -
1. Therapeutic
2. Improving
3. Restore
4. Recovery
Est. Treatment #
General Improvement Progress:
  • Red tearing eyes improving
  • Constipation improving
  • Fatigue is being released
  • Joint painful is highly improved
  • Sleep well
  • Less swelling body
  • More improved on hypothyroid symptoms
  • Protruding eyes withdraw backwards
  • No cold feeling
  • Mense flow getting normal
  • Blood circulation well

Percentage of recovery depends on the destroyed level of thyroid gland in RAI treatment. Less decay gets better recovery. (from 12-15 treatments)

Est. # of Months
2-4 months

Note:: length of stage varies with each individual's health condition.

Reference: Read the Recovery cases.
Do you know?

Patient cannot get full recovery if thyroid gland got destroyed. But, HealthGuard T18 will help patients to exclude the remained radioactive Iodine outside body. Help to resume the most function of thyroid gland back to normal.

HealthGuard T18 excludes the remained RAI outside body. After 1-2 treatments in this case, patients may feel hot, sweat, sometimes fast heart beat. This is a Good sign! Reason: T18 has already successfully resume part of the thyroid gland functions normal.

Your current possible drug? Radioactive Iodine (not recommend if risk of overdosage)

HG T18 Dos
HG T18 Donts
  1. Normally take 12 capsules of HealthGuard T18 daily. (4 capsules per time. 3 times per day. )
  2. Separate 2 hours before/after taking chemical drugs.
  3. Keep regular blood test.
  4. Patients with larger or harder nodules in neck should continue to take HealthGuard T18 until all the nodules are completely vanished.
  5. Reduce the thyroxine when having hyperthyroid symptoms.
  6. Patients can take HealthGuard T18 only, after stop taking all prescription drugs.
  1. Do not reduce HealthGuard T18 dose unless suggested by our practitioners. Patients need enough dosage to cure the root of disease.
  2. Avoid iced-food and iced-drink daily. And should avoid drinking iced water 1 hour before & after taking “HealthGuard T18”.

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