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HealthGuard T18 (HG T18) - A unique concept of Natural Thyroid Remedy

Are you having irritation, itchy problems, tette, roseola on skin & serious side effects to chemical drugs on your current thyroid remedy? HealthGuard T18 cures Thyroid disease naturally.

HG T18 Guide -
1. Therapeutic
2. Improving
3. Restore
4. Recovery
Est. Treatment #
General Improvement Progress:
  • Eyes no dryness
  • Improved eyesight
  • No often tears eyes
  • Stable heart beat
  • Fatigue released
  • Feeling comfortable
  • No heavy sweat
  • Sleep well
  • Greater improvement
  • No hands trembling
Expected total recovery
Est. # of Months
2-4 months
Note:: length of stage varies with each individual's health condition.
Reference: Read the Recovery cases.
  1. HG T18 first releases the toxic substances inside body (detox), excludes the unnecessary hormone outside body via urine.
  2. Patients T3/T4 may fluctuate a little bit in 1st to 2nd treatment, especially if they are during minimization process of goiter.
  3. Patients may have twisting feeling in goiter. This is a necessary procedure. But such condition would take 2 to 3 weeks. Patients will feel at ease after 3 weeks.
Do you know?
- Thyroxine or Hormone replacement (usually be given when T3, T4 lower than normal range) to hyperthyroid patients is a paradocixal method that blocks hyperthyroidisma and may induce patients suffer in longer time.

- Larger dosage of anti hyperyhyroid medincine may induce hypothyroid symptoms due to such medication will depress the secretion of thyroid hormone gradually.

Your current possible drug? PTU (propylthiouracil), Tapazole (methimazole), Carbimazole, Radioactive Iodine
HG T18 Dos
HG T18 Donts
  1. Take 18 capsules of HealthGuard T18 daily. (6 capsules per time. 3 times per day. )
  2. Separate 2 hours before/after taking chemical drugs.
  1. Do not take thyroxine hormone tablets during HealthGuard T18 treatments.
  2. During 1- 4 treatments: Avoid eating sea food (fish, shrimp, crab) and food that is rich in iodine (kelp, bugleweed, seaweed)
  3. Do not reduce the dosage of HealthGuard T18 unless suggested by our practitioners. Patients need enough dosage to cure the root of disease.
  4. Avoid all kinds of beans especially SOY. The proteins in beans may make patient's goiter become worse.

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