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HealthGuard T18 (HG T18) - A unique concept of Natural Thyroid Remedy

Even after subtotal thyroidectomoy or thyroid lobectomy, patients still have high possibility to get other nodules. Due to thyroidectomy is not a wise choice to solve the root cause of thyroid nodules. Patients may get hypothyroidism at their old ages because part of their thyroid gland has already been damaged in the thyroidectomy.

HG T18 Guide -
1. Therapeutic
2. Improving
Body condition helps to restore after 8th treatment.
Est. Treatment #
General Improvement Progress:
  • Eyes no dryness
  • Improved eyesight
  • No often tears eyes
  • Stable heart beat
  • Fatigue released
  • Feeling comfortable
  • No heavy sweat
  • Sleep well
  • Greater improvement to help restore general wellness
  • Body condition helps to restore after 8 treatments
Est. # of Months
2-4 months
Note:: length of stage varies with each individual's health condition.
Reference: Read the Recovery cases.
Do you know?

In fact, HealthGuard T18 helps to minimize the entire thyroid goiter in a natural way.

Your current possible drug? Thyroidectomy? could be a quick way to solve the problem temporary. Indeed, the thyroid gland is partially or totally removed that no more thyroid problems. However, after operation, you may be given thyroid hormone replacement drugs so to maintain balance of health under no thyroid function life. Some drugs may cause pressed chest, headache. Thyroid hormone replacement drugs could be life long in-take.


HG T18 Dos
HG T18 Donts
  1. Normally take 12 capsules of HealthGuard T18 daily. (4 capsules per time. 3 times per day. )
  2. Separate 2 hours before/after taking chemical drugs.
  3. Possible to reduce dosage of anti hyperthyroid medicines when hypothyroid symptoms are noted. And when T3, T4 is lowered than normal range.
  4. Only Take HealthGuard T18 after stop taking all anti hyperthyroid medicines. And, after TSH tends to normal without any further depression from anti hyperthyroid medicines.
  1. Do not reduce the dosage of HealthGuard T18 unless suggested by our practitioners. Patients need enough dosage to cure the root of disease.
  2. Avoid all kinds of beans especially SOY. The proteins in beans may make patient's goiter become worse, if the problem still exists after operation.

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