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HealthGuard T18 (HG T18) - A unique concept of Natural Thyroid Remedy

HG T18 cures Thyroid disease with Goiter naturally => HG T18 releases the expired homorne inside nodules => Excludes the Unnecessary hormone outside body via urine.

HG T18 Guide -
1. Therapeutic
2. Improving
3. Restore
4. Recovery
Est. Treatment #
General Improvement Progress:
  • Eyes no dryness
  • Improved eyesight
  • No often tears eyes
  • Stable heart beat
  • Fatigue released
  • Feeling comfortable
  • No heavy sweat
  • Sleep well
  • Nodule is softened

Expected total recovery

100% fast recovery for no nodules/ goiters/enlarged thyroid gland cases. Longer time to note improvements if with diffuse goiter.

  • Soft nodules
  • Cysts start to minimize
  • Soft nodules start to minimize
  • No swollen in neck
  • Eyes withdraw backwards
  • No hands trembling
  • Hard & Large nodules start to minimize
Est. # of Months
2-4 months
Note:: length of stage varies with each individual's health condition.
Reference: Read the Recovery cases.

Nodules/ Goiters

Very hard and large nodules

Soft nodules

Very soft nodules, Cysts

Starts to minimize:





Could be Solid, considered as carbonized already.

Soften then minimize gradually. Takes shorter time to be minimized than solid nodules.

Faster to be minimized.

  • Postion of goiter affects the recovery rate.
  • Patients with goiter in left or right lobe gets minimzation sooner.
  • However, goiter in central takes longer time to heal. Since central part links left, centre, right lobes that needs much time to recover.
  • Patients T3/T4 may fluctuate during minimization of goiter.
  • Patients may have twisting feel in goiter. This is a necessary procedure of minizing nodules.
Do you know?
- Thyroxine or hormone replacement maybe given to cure goiter but limited effect
Your current possible drug? Levothyroxine (T4) or Thyroidectomy?
HG T18 Dos
HG T18 Donts
  1. Normally take 12 capsules of HealthGuard T18 daily. (4 capsules per time. 3 times per day. )
  2. Separate 2 hours before/after taking chemical drugs.
  3. Possible to reduce dosage of anti hyperthyroid medicines when hypothyroid symptoms are noted. And when T3, T4 is lowered than normal range.
  4. Only Take HealthGuard T18 after stop taking all anti hyperthyroid medicines. And, after TSH tends to normal without any further depression from anti hyperthyroid medicines.
  1. During 1- 4 treatments: Avoid eating sea food (fish, shrimp, crab) and food that is rich in iodine (kelp, bugleweed, seaweed)
  2. Do not reduce the dosage of HealthGuard T18 unless suggested by our practitioners. Patients need enough dosage to cure the root of disease.
  3. Avoid all kinds of beans especially SOY. The proteins in beans may make patient's goiter become worse.

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